Monday, January 23, 2012

Masshole Moment #2

As you may have read in my Germ post- I used the word bubbler. What is a bubbler you might ask?

  • Per Wikipedia:  "Bubbler" is still used as a generic term in several regional dialects of the United States, originating in eastern Wisconsin and remaining well-known throughout the state. The term is widely used in NSW Australia. Oregon is also known to be quite familiar with the term, specifically in the Portland region where in the late 1800s Simon Benson installed 20 fountains, which are now known in the Portland area as "Benson Bubblers". It is also commonly used in New England, especially in the state of Rhode Island and in the cities of Worcester, MA and Lowell, MA. 

See that bold print? Yes readers- I fall into that category. And sadly it wasn't until recently when my good friend Heather at My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream informed me that it is not "normal" to call it a bubbler- in fact she had no clue what I was talking about!
  • Per Wikipedia continued: Despite its widespread usage in the aforementioned areas, the term "water fountain" is much more commonly used than "bubbler" throughout the remainder of North America.
Well it seems Wiki agrees with her.. I guess that's what makes me  Masshole!

Love Always, 

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  1. LOL I tease my husband about this all of the time. He's from WI, we live in WI, but I'm originally from Chicago. He said bubbler and I was like WTF is that?