About Mandi

I am a mom to three kids 7 and under. I recently landed my dream job, and cannot wait to help military families. Up until recently, I was a stay at home mom. That doesnt mean I sat around and ate bon bons everyday though! In fact, I keep myself quite busy. My hobbies include, hair accessory making, cake designing, writing, reading, and volunteering. 

I am currently the President of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 235, and would literally spend every waking moment helping our nations military and veterans and their families. If you have never been through a deployment, you have no idea how strong these families can be. Someday I would love to find a paying job, doing what I love, but for now, helping out whenever I can gives me the warm and fuzzies!

I am a born and bred Masshole. They say I talk funny... but I think they are delusional. Even though I live in this awful lovely state, I would give just about anything to live someplace warm. I HATE cold weather, and even more... I HATE snow/ice. Yuck...

Meet my crew:

Peanut age 7
Monkey Age 3

Baby J 11 months