Sunday, March 25, 2012

When one chapter ends...

                                 Another begins...

But how does one know when that chapter is over? There is no closing line in reality. Or is there? Will this chapter of my life be over once I dot my I's and cross my T's when I sign on that dotted line? Or has it begun already? Is this hard part; the paperwork, the custody, the dividing up items, splitting pictures... Is this a whole separate chapter, or just the final end of the worst chapter in my history?

I have a better idea. Instead of starting a new chapter when this is all said and done, it will become a two parter. Part 1- the Heartache and how I overcame.  Part 2- After the weight has been lifted, and what my life has become because of it. I vow to never lose sight of me again. A good friend of mine has a tattoo to remind her of her own battles that she overcame "To thine ownself be true". That sounds like an amazing idea.  Not sure what it will say exactly, but to have that constant reminder of how strong I really am, and if I can overcome this, I can take on the world... okay maybe not the world, but at least whatever curve balls life decides to throw my way! And hey, I played softball in high school for a reason right?


  1. with a positive attitude and a great support group and a little help from the guy upstairs, it will get better. one day at a time. girlfriends are like a great underwire...keep ya headed in the right direction when ya just kinda wanna sag sometimes...;) you're not alone in your struggles...and it'll all pass (some of it like a gall stone)...but you got peace and serenity on the horizon...just gotta go through the mud to get there :)

  2. you're halarious!!!!!! that is sooooooo exactly what i would've said, done and thought...exept i think you may have been more calm i dunno...i can't even handle the pic of the.........eeek crap, i can't even write the word. u know exactly what i mean.. thanks for sharing it! :) LOL

  3. sorry i posted that last one on the wrong shoulda been with the cop story.