Friday, January 6, 2012

Masshole Moment #1

Peanut and I were working on her homework packet this evening. One part of the packet was to draw three things you would see on a trip to the beach, and label/color it. She drew pictures of an octopus, a sandcastle, and a shak. Yes, you read that right, a shak. To me, if read out loud, it makes perfect sense, but to the non-Masshole, it is probably a bit confusing. I mean who sees one of these when they go to the beach?

To the average Masshole, you know perfectly well she meant one of these:

My poor daughter and I had a bit of a quarrel about the correctly spelling of SHARK. You see, when in first grade, most kids spell words they don't know by sounding it out. And well, when you spell it that way, she is right.  But I had to correct her, AND bring out my handy pocket dictionary to prove my point. Just because we don't say our R's in this house, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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